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 Bonsai Tools and Supplies  

Deluxe Long Handled Shears

Perfect for trimming small branches and leaf pruning.                                                                 

Price:  $18 

Butterfly Shears

Great for cutting through roots and larger branches.

Price:  $18

Concave Cutters

Needed for removing branches with minimal scarring. 

Price:  $30


Knob Cutters

Needed to remove old knobs with minimal scarring. 

Price:  $30

Wire Cutters

 When removing wire from your tree, you should always cut it.  Unwinding it could damage your tree! 

Price:  $30

Jin Pliers

Made for stripping bark and creating deadwood.

 Price:  $30


This tool is very useful for cleaning old soil off of the roots.  The spatula side is great for removing trees from their pots.

Price:  $12

Root Hook

This is a great tool for combing out your tree's roots when it comes time to re-pot.

Price:  $8

Plastic Handled Pruning Shears

Perfect for pruning leaves and small branches.

Price:  $18

Long Tweezers 

This tool is perfect for removing weeds and dead leaves.

Price:  $4

Drip/Humidity Trays in assorted sizes

6.5 inches   x   4.75 inches      Price:   $4.00

8.5 inches   x   6.25 inches     Price:   $5.00

10.75 inches   x   7.75 inches    Price:  $6.00

13.25 inches   x   10.75  inches    Price:  $8.00

16 inches   x  12.25 inches    Price:  $10.00

18.25 inches x 13.5 inches   Price:  $12.00

Bonsai Soil

This is a great general purpose bonsai soil  that I make from lava rock, turface and pine bark mulch.  It comes in a one gallon bag.

Price:  $8

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